playing mario kart with friends 2000+ miles away.

Why yes, we are adults, with children, who play mario kart with our friends, other adults with children.

(josh and miriam. we even went to europe and hung out!)

When we were in Wymount, back at BYU we would play mario kart with Josh and Miriam at least once a week. Mostly on Sunday afternoon/evenings, and sometimes during the week, when we'd see them on the way to our apartment and just decide to play later that day.

It's definitely a tradition that stopped when we parted ways a few years ago, but we've gotten together with them once in real life since BYU (yay for friends AND family who live close together even when you live far from them) and a few times playing mario kart while at our respective homes approx. 2,650 miles away from each other and on Saturday night when we played together, it felt like we'd never left those terrible but awesome cinderblock apartments. We even called them and put them on speaker while we played so we could all yell at each other and it was super fabulous. I think Hank would have thought we were crazy as we were laughing and snickering and 'boo-ya-ing' away, but it was so nice to relax and be with old friends.

Miriam and Josh, we better see you again in the next five years. If not in AZ, then in the PNW. And until then, it's mario kart every Saturday night :)


  1. We totally do that with our friends, we love Mario Kart! We should totally play with you guys sometime!

  2. YESSSSSSS! It was so fun. ALthough once we're neighbors it will make playing much easier. And we can yell at each other in person.


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