Everyone is napping. Ryan is napping. Hank is napping. Wally is napping. Sundays are usually so dang rough. So rough. But today is wonderful. And I always try to catch a glimpse of Henry in nursery during their singing time (since I'm a Primary counselor it works out since I roam the halls to help teachers in need, etc.) and today I saw him singing 'the wise man and the foolish man' and happily singing UP! when the floods came up and whooshing his hands down as the rain came down. I'm so in love with this boy and am so grateful for the times when everything clicks and he does the things we've been teaching him (for what seems like forever). And Wally. Oh, Wally. He's perfect. I'm so infatuated, it's ridiculous. And Ryan is amazing as always. We went on a date this weekend. A real life date with a babysitter. And dinner. And shopping without chasing Henry. So rejuvenating.

This kid. That husband. That baby.

So so grateful they're mine.


  1. you're a lucky lady. :)
    just you and your boys.

  2. So cute! I feel the same way, although I don't have a toddler. Or boys:) your boys are so cute, I want to meet them someday!


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