henry... and some super cute girls clothes.

((hank in an ikea felt fruit basket turned hat--that he put on himself and wore the entire time he ate his breakfast.))

Oh do I love my boys. And there are some fabulous boy clothes. BUT. Lately, I've been finding some of the cutest girl outfits and I send a picture of them (or think of sending them) to my sister and whine to Ryan how sad I am we can't have them.

So without further ado, super cute girl clothes from Gap that I'm in love with right now (like their Paddington collection. and springtime with dresses and tunics galore. swwwwooon) :

++As a side note, sometimes I don't even look at the boys section, I just meander through the girls. There are a lot of cute boys stuff all over the place, but it's a bit more of a hunt. AKA I heavily rely on other people to tell me where all the cute stuff is. Thank you friends, real and internet, for helping me out in that department. Henry and Walter send their regards :)


  1. All so cute but that tie waist romper? Striped dresses?? Dying. I wanted to buy purple/pink cloth diapers on case we have a girl someday but I talked my self out of it..

  2. So so cute!!! I love little girl clothes, I wish gap wasn't so expensive!


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