day by day.

This week has been cold. Again.

And I finally downloaded pictures from my phone to my computer. It's been too long. Like, since Thanksgiving long. Whoops!

Walter is growing like a weed. He's huge and making tons of noises and sucking on his hand like there's no tomorrow and we're so in love. He's a sleeper like me (I looooove sleep. Mmmm.) and it makes me laugh how frightened he is of Henry sometimes when Hank will shout out or yelp and yet he's totally used to him and most of the time when Henry is especially loud Walt is like, "nbd mom, nbd."

Henry is growing and in less than a month will be two. TWO. Where has the time gone? He loves his little brother and I'm so so grateful for that. Whenever Walter is stirring from his nap Henry automatically says "baby" and most of the time rushes to our room so we can rescue him. He says a bajillion words and mimicks us, and at the same time says things like "da" for again and I'm reminded how little he is and how much he has yet to learn.

These boys keep me on my toes and even though it's retched and cold, I'm so grateful I can stick my phone in their faces all day and take pictures of them while they learn and grow and play. (And when I say boys, I totally mean Ryan, too.)

(watching espn. what a boy.)

(nap skipped=cutest asleep-at-the-help kid.)


(yep, still cute.)

(selfies with kids are the best. andnoidontcareitsallpixell-y.)

(king of stacking after a grocery run.)

(his cheeeeeks. and chiiiins.)


(love me some Ikea. and fantastic shoppers to boot.)

(he put this on his head all by himself. and wore it throughout breakfast. i'm in love.

**But seriously, it better get warmer and fast. 'Cause Ryan is getting reaaaally irritated with me as I window shop on my phone and tell him of everything I 'need' to keep warm. (No, he hasn't said this directly, but I can see it in his eyes and hear it in his tone...)


  1. So cute!!! And hmm, love me some window shopping...

  2. I am sooo with you on being done with winter. of course we moved her last year toward the end of winter and only saw a couple inches of snow and everyone said it was a mild winter, then this year we get the most snow the area has seen in 15 years! I'm ready for it to get above freezing and stay there!
    also, I can't handle Walt and his roundness! too much! too cute!
    and you should post some videos of Hank talking. :)


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