feeding the ducks.

Hank fed the ducks with Ryan and my brother, Taylor, while I was deathly ill the Friday after Christmas (which also happened to be Ryan's birthday, which also happened to be the day we did a huge group family shot, meh.)

Ryan took the DSLR and I love the shots he got of Hank and his uncle. I also love how Ryan has mentioned how much he wants to learn more, even own a little DSLR of his own. We could be quite the power couple, dontcha think? (The boys will loooove us when they're dorky tween/teens and we've got a bajillion pictures to prove it, I'm sure :)

On a side note, we lost this green jacket and his adorable mittens at the airport--we had them the whooole trip and even as we got off the plane, but I think they fell out of my arms as we walked to baggage claim and haven't been seen since--so sad. Those mitten flying through the air as Hank throws the bread kill me. I'm constantly in awe of how much this kid loves to throw.

I love that Hank spent some time with his uncles and aunts and got to know them all a little bit better. Can't wait until next time!!

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