Christmas in Columbus.

We bolted to Ohio this year for Christmas and got there just in time for my birthday. Although it was crazy once we got to Christmas Eve, it was so nice to be with my parents and sister and a quieter house for a few days before all the commotion. We picked up Jeni's ice cream for dessert and it was divine.

 Christmas came with a bang and it was crazy awesome. We had tamales for Christmas Eve dinner, just like we did in Texas (it may be the tastiest Christmas tradition ever.) and 13 people jammed in my parent's home for the night so we could all wake up together and be together on Christmas day. Taylor and Jaimee came right in the nick of time on Christmas morning and we got to spend the rest of the week with them before they headed out Saturday morning.

(my favorite sequence of the trip--these boys crack me up.)

Christmas day was so fun this year with Henry almost 2. I have a feeling next year will be even better as he understands Santa more and can really unwrap all his presents. It was so fun to see his face light up when he got new shoes in his stocking--who knew shoes were so exciting?? He immediately wanted to try them on and go outside. Since it was a bit chilly that morning we convinced him to wait until later, but let him wear them most of the morning. He was spoiled by my mom with books upon books and toys including a Nerf set of balls--this kid loves a good ball to toss around and these did not disapoint. My mom had also picked up a basketball set for Hank to play at her house and he played a little bball any time he could all break long. We even combed the house for every ball we could find and Ryan and Hank would play toss on the stairs. Ryan was in heaven as he played toss with Hank--pretty sure it's been Ryan's dream to do that ever since he knew Hank was going to be a boy.

I went shopping with all the girls, Hank went on walks with his uncles, walks to the playground, walks to feed the ducks, Ryan played NCAA football on my brother's playstation with all the guys and we had so much fun relaxing and playing and talking.

We had such a great time in Ohio and even though it wasn't much warmer than here in Boston, the conveniences of the suburbs were so nice to enjoy. We can't wait to go back to get our suburban fix again!

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