a loving brother.

I've got a sick baby in my arms who hasn't slept since this morning so we're still playing catch-up over here since getting back to Boston yesterday afternoon.

BUT I wanted to share one last group of photos I got of the boys in the days before heading out to see my parents.

Henry has grown so much in these last few months and is such a toddler, melt-downs and all. He's also been one of the sweetest big brothers around. He loves "holding" Walt, pointing to his "eye-a" and all the other parts of the body he knows, and giving him hugs and kisses. He also, as shown, loves to show things to Walt. The day I took these, he was showing Walter Ryan's law school directory--their year book with all the other kids in Ryan's class. Henry loves turning the pages to find Ryan, his face lights up each time he gets to the page, it's adorable--and this time he wanted to make sure Walt found Dada as well.

We love these boys to pieces and are definitely having withdrawls from being around all the people who love them so dearly. You mean there's only Ryan and I to take care of the boys and not a bajillion relatives who all want to help watch them?? We are so blessed and even though I'm not looking forward to flying with these boys again any time soon, Christmas vacation was just what I needed to start 2014 off right.

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