20 weeks.

Since Ryan came home around lunch time yesterday I thought it was only fitting to have a little lunch at an East Boston park that I've heard so much about. And since you have to pay the 3.50 toll to get back into the city, I figured we may as well actually spend some time in EB instead of just going in and out. Pier's Park. Definitely recommend it, and more people visit us already so we have an excuse to get back!

The views of the city were beautiful, and the lighting was fab since it had been raining all morning but had just cleared up. I can't believe I'm already more than halfway there, but really, I can. This body definitely did not have to move as much and hold 22 pound toddlers round one, and all the rest was quite nice! Also, it's like my body knew how to be pregnant so well, it even knew how to make me get heartburn waaay faster than last time. Thanks, body, thanks a lot.

But really, with the weather becoming sunnier and more beautiful each day, and with a heatwave around the corner, I'm so excited for park outings and beach days and hanging out with my favorite toddler. And before you know it, another Mangum babe will be gracing the blog's pages.


  1. Cray, cray. Your pregnancy is moving so fast it's inspiring me. Sorta.

  2. So fast!! Weird how that happens. Also, you are beautiful. And so is Boston. I want to come visit!!!

  3. Seems I can only come to boston when you are growing things inside of you! I'm here for a week with a training/ looking for places to live! We should play! I'm out here until next friday. If not then definitely in Aug. when we move out here!


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