Memorial Day weekend.

This weekend could not have been better. Well, having Ryan in town would have been fun, but even though he was gone, it was such a great weekend. It's like Hank knew in order for me to not have constant breakdowns he needed to be on his best behavior. Also, prayers totally work.

Ryan left on Sunday morning to go to Hayden's farewell (for those of you who don't already know, Hayden's mom is Ryan's cousin, but she's more like the most rockin sister-in-law ever. And since I don't have a sister-in-law, she's it. so it's like Hayden's more of a cousin than second-cousin once removed. Also, second-cousin once removed sounds sooo distant. Anywho..) so Henry and I kept ourselves busy throughout the weekend with games at the Johnson's on Sunday night, picnicking at the public garden on Memorial Day with Ginnie and Auden followed by a BBQ with more friends with Church that night, and going to the park, a 15 month checkup and an RS activity making/eating spring rolls and sushi that night.

Hank was a gem (as I said earlier) the whole time, for real, and I loved being busy and grateful that Ryan could support our family in AZ by being there while we were here.

In other news, apparently Henry is so cute that even random Hispanic families like to take pictures with him. #famous #superwhite


  1. Oh my. I love that last part. So glad Henry was good for you!!

  2. A thousand Thank-yous again!!!! I'm so glad Hen got the memo to be a champ. I love being the rockin-sis-in-law! When we introduced Ryan to everyone, we were like, "This is my cousin but really more-like-my-brother, Ryan."


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