18 weeks. Round 2.

We had an ultrasound Monday and... drumroll... we're going to wait to find out the gender.

I know, weird, right? I never thought I'd wait and called everyone crazy who did, but now I'm joining the suspenseful club and waiting just a few more months before finding out. I think there's something exciting about not knowing the gender until the actual birth, and although this may be the only babe who's gender we wait to find out (I change my mind a lot, ok?), I'm excited for the experience.

And for those of you who want to guess, guess away. My mom and sister are 1000% sure it's a girl, and Ryan thinks it's a girl, too, but I think it's a boy. Mother's intuition? Or maybe I'm dead wrong. We'll find out in t-minus 5 months!

In other news, a few differences with this pregnancy have been a)my hunger levels--I'm hungry as a wolf and b) even though "they" say you show more/faster with #2, that has definitely not been the case. Instead of cute belly bump we've got out-of-shape belly. Which is funny since I was the healthiest/best looking in a long time right before I got pregnant again, so whatev. It'll eventually look cute, right? And thanks to a sister who adds to my maternity wardrobe, at least I'll look cute throughout this pregnancy, whether baby wants to join me or not.

And one last thing, I'm already feeling second-child guilt since it's already past week 18 and I haven't gotten a shot of sib on the blog. I took one at 16 weeks (deeeefinitely don't look pregnant at all) and then things just haven't worked out in taking another one. This child already has less pictures than Henry--so sad, right? Dear sib, I'm sorry your wild brother is hogging up all my time. I think of you often, promise.


  1. You look amaaaazing. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. I mean I you didn't even look pregnant, it doesn't even count! Oh my you are so rude. I was like "Dave! Ryan and Emily found out what they are having!!! It's a....*opening the post*.... THEY ARE WAITING" at the same time Dave said "burl". Haha. So funny the differences between the two glad it's going well. Let's chat soon!!!! Yes, I just used four exclamation points.

  2. emily, you look so beautiful! and my guess is girl, as well. :)


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