a daytrip to maine.

Have I mentioned how grateful I am that Ryan is home these days? It rocks. ((Also, check out how many pictures I'm in! Yay for having a third person to hang out with!)

On Friday we traveled north to York and Ogunquit  and it was a perfect daytrip (including a stop at the not-so-local Chik fil a on the way home). We first stopped in York to the Nubble lighthouse and there's a great little ice cream shop that we went to afterwards to hold us over until lunch. Their wild berry ice cream was awesome and Ryan had their maple walnut, it was super rich and fantastic as well. I love a good seasonal ice cream stand...which reminds me of the time I had some pumpkin ice cream at this place around here (I've already forgotten where) and it was seriously the second best ice cream I've had (the first being this awesome, awesome coconut ice cream we had in Annapolis a few years back). Yeah, I like ice cream...

But back to Maine. After York we went up to Ogunquit to have a lobster roll at a place called The Lobster Shack. Lobster rolls are one of the 3 L's of Maine (lobster, ll bean, and lighthouses--check on two of the three!) and at this place you could get it with or without mayo so Ryan got with and I got without and I really loved mine. It was cooked, cooled lobster with a hint of lemon on a perfectly buttered and toasted hot-dog like bun, and served with chips and some cole slaw. My kind of summer meal right there.

And after lunch we wondered around the shops in the area, bought some Warheads at a little candy shop (seriously, it was a good day :) and then took a walk on Marginal Way, walking pathway with beautiful views of the sea and Maine coast.

It was a great day and we can't wait to go back, to visit other little small towns and head up to Portland to see all it has to offer. Who knew Maine was so cool??


  1. this is on my list. love it! and thanks a lot because now I want ice cream.

  2. Brenda and I spent a night in York some time ago. Loved it. We didn't find the ice cream shop. :(


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