a month of ryan.

Even through we were apart for longer than either of of wished for, it's so nice to have Ryan home these days, in between school and a summer internship. I am seriously savoring these moments, since I know they won't be this relaxed for this long probably ever again. And going to the grocery store on a weekday morning without Henry in tow... words can't even describe how grateful I am to Ryan already.

This weekend of Mother's day was absolutely wonderful, with shopping with both Henry and Ryan, and then getting some alone time with our stake sisters as I went to a temple session solo, including a little dinner before, then came home to an empty house as Ryan and Henry were still out at a youth activity for another hour or so. It was seriously something else to be in an empty house for a little bit at night. Sometimes I just forget how tender the silence can be after a busy week with a 14 month old.

Mother's day was great as well, with our sweet Primary singing a song to the wonderful women in their lives and an outing to the park after church. Ryan was able to take some pictures of Henry and I (boy does that never happen!) and I'm loving them.

See? How could this weekend not be full of happiness? Spring plus Ryan plus Henry equals serious happiness.

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