life in oh-io.

Henry and I are safe and sound in Ohio for the rest of this month as Ryan preps for and takes his finals. It's hard for Ryan, since he doesn't get to see Hank make the little milestones each day, but it helps him make time for himself so we're super grateful to my parents for hosting me for much longer than I'm sure they would prefer (at least me. Henry, he could live here. but they'd still need me. just for diaper changing purposes of course :).

Life in the 'burbs is always so nice to us. We've already taken a walk, played in the backyard/patio, and gone out to dinner (chinese takeout, dirty franks, jeni's ice cream) more times in less than a week than Ryan and I do in multiple months. We've also had a mini rain party when a spring shower came around noon today and Henry just had to hang out on the porch and go up and down the wet stairs. It was pretty cute seeing him be adventurous and explore. Playing outside in the rain on a covered porch? They definitely hasn't happened in Boston. And Henry's got more attention than ever, so really, what's not to love?

We'll travel to see my sister tomorrow, plan on seeing a Clippers (the triple a baseball team for the Indians) day game next week, and running errands to malls and Targets and all things suburban.

I'm pretty sad not to be in Boston right now to rally behind the strength of the city, but my prayers are always right there, like we've never left.


  1. So glad you 3 are all safe and sound! And are you sure you are expecting because you are looking like a skinny mini!!

    Soak up all the Ohio-suburbaness you can and wish Ryan Good Luck from us on his finals!

  2. You're description of hank staying there is spot on. My parents would steal Sam of they could and don't bother chatting with us unless they can see Sam. :)


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