springtime and other happy things.

 Um, it's springtime here, you guys. And it's awesome. Two days straight of short sleeved, sometimes cardigan-wearing weather. We took off the stroller muff off Henry's stroller and after strolling around Boston/Cambridge for hours on end, I've even got some color in my cheeks, which I'm super excited about.

Ryan's bff since kindergarten is in town for a few days, too so it's been a perfect storm of happiness with showing 'uncle' Grant around, basking in the sunlight, and having an extra pair of hands to help with Henry. We did an Emily Mangum freedom trail tour yesterday (custom-made, you know you want one :) from the public garden to the waterfront and today headed up to Harvard and then ended up walking back home with the Charles River to guide us. Seriously, it was heavenly to just walk home because you have no where else you need to be and the weather is so beautiful, why not?

On another note, after Hank drifted to bed we played a game of Settlers and can I just tell you that I am about 6 years old when it comes to board games? I've probably mentioned this before, but growing up my family wasn't big on board games (we're more of an Uno family :) and when we did, I was a super sore loser. Like, be mean to me twice in a row and I'll start crying and leave the table. And by growing up I mean this happened when I was in college... So of course Ryan was being a little too aggressive for my tastes (ok, and now I'm a lot better, and a way better loser, so we play board games a ton with our friends and love it--but I'm pregnant, so old habits come back, ok??) and my eyes started to get watery...but I sucked it up and didn't lose too badly against those crazy boys, even almost making a comeback in the end. Good story, right? Go me.

Henry is cute, long-time friends are awesome, and I am so digging this weather. Now excuse me while I watch a little White Collar on Netlflix.


  1. I am dying at your board game story. I miss you too much. Please come visit.

  2. claaasic emily, right there. please let henry play games at my house so he learns to be like me and not care at all. love you!


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