14 month shenanigans.

Yep, still in Ohio. And I totally forgot about Henry's month change. I mean, I think I've been saying about 14 months for a week now, but he's not "about" 14 months, he is 14 months!

I never know when you really say, "he's a walker," but, he's a walker. There's still some crawling here and there, but he can stand up on his own after a fall and likes to be on his feet as much as possible. (Note: after I wrote this a few days ago, the next day I didn't see him crawl at all. None. Kinda/totally sad. Today he crawled once, but that was just to get a ball that was speeding past him on the porch.)

Which is funny, because also in this last month he's been super clingy and loves for me to hold him, and he's also finally got down the whole, you sit when you're in the bathtub, not stand the whole time, thing. At the beginning of the month, he'd still stand a ton, and still throw all his toys out within 10 minutes or so, but then when I'd get the towel and reach out for him, he'd immediately sit down. Silly boy.

Anywho, we love this rascal of a kid. He's quite the babbler and he loves to smack things and throw toys, but I think we're slowly, ever slowly learning not to hit faces or touch things we shouldn't. I'm pretty sure every mom around this stage of their kid's life says, "they keep me on my toes" and Hank is definitely no exception. I kinda wish I could sit a little more, but I'm pretty sure sitting isn't in the job description of a mom of a toddler.

Aaand I've finally busted out the camera these last few days, so yay for non-grainy itouch pictures. And the weather got a little "spring showers" on us recently, but before that we had some glorious park weather that I can't wait to happen again.


  1. haha what a silly boy. Can't believe is toddling around everywhere!

  2. Look at the little man go, go, go!! We need a video!!! :)


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