nor'easter nemo.

This weekend was full of staying inside and watching the snow keep coming and coming and coming. We did venture "out" Saturday morning, putting Henry in his full snow suit attire, but since we couldn't leave out building (they hadn't cleared the sidewalks and walking in it would have been above our knees) we just took a few "we were there" pictures from the safety of our lobby.

We ended up leaving the house Saturday night to go to a friends for a Vday party, but sadly, I wasn't able to enjoy it as much as I wished since around 10 that evening a horrendous 24-hour flu/bug hit me like a ton of bricks. It. was. awful. Thankfully, Ryan was able to watch Henry all day on Sunday (I'm pretty sure he knew that I wasn't his primary caretaker, since, one time, when I was in he kitchen with Ryan and Henry, Ryan left and Henry started to cry, not even noticing that I was still there...)*.

It's rainy today, so the snow days have continued, but the plan is to at least leave the house once today and once for each day this week. February really is a terrible month for winter. Bring on the spring!

*also, being sick on snow days totally defeats a snow day. saltines and 7up are NOT ever on my list of fun treats to eat.


  1. Glad you are on the up and up! No fun to miss out on a party because of sickness.
    Hank looks so cute in his snow gear. :) Hoping the weather behaves enough so you can have your daily fieldtrips. It can be so hard being cooped up inside all day long!

  2. Sorry you were sick!! Those 24 hour bugs are baaaad news. I can't believe that snow!

  3. you are so pretty!!! i feel like i can't post photos that i'm directly looking into that camera!! hahaha. crazy how much snow we got... and now it's gone. and it's only been {almost} a week! bipolar weather...


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