february so far.

It's been a windy, snowy day weekend and we've been stuck inside for most of it. It's a good thing this kid knows how to party at home. Whether it's in the pantry, in a laundry basket, or putting the strap of my purse (oh small purse, when will you ever be used again...) around his neck, this kid can be happy wherever he is/wherever he is stuck. The plan is to get out at least for a second or two today and have some friends over for a Valentine's dinner. In the meantime, I'm off to play with Henry on the floor.

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  1. oh I love that b&w of his chubby thighs! SO cute!
    I feel a little gypped that we moved all the way across the country and are still 5 hours from you. We will have to get together soon! Oh and the DVD cases didn't get taken and made it with us so once we make a day to get together remind me to bring them with. :)


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