We celebrated february 14 pretty casually, and it was awesome. Henry and I hung out inside most of the day and our treat to Ryan was to come and pick him up from school (and a little love note from yours truly, of course). And Ryan's treat to me was some sour candy from 7/11. You cannot go wrong with sour skittles and sour patch kids, you just cannot.  I even got a cherry slurpee, since you can't really go into a 7/11 without getting one. Maybe it's just the kid-from-the-west in me, but I just can't help it.

The rest of our evening was our typical routine, but once Henry went to bed Ryan and I quickly made some peanut butter brownies and watched a little (a lot) West Wing to end the night. Multiple Netflix shows is how we treat ourselves--romantic, right?

Really, it was so nice to spend more time with Ryan than normal for a weekday and he's even treating me with a babysitter and Henry-free evening tomorrow. That boy really does know the way to my heart.


* pictures from an afternoon/evening with daddy late January


  1. I love that you're so easy to please :) Sounds like it was low-key like our Valentine's Day! Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Hey sometimes keeping it simple is the only way to go! It was for us this year. :)
    And your hair is getting so long! It looks so good! I love it.


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