Thanks to Gigi (my mom), Henry's a clapping fool now. He (usually) claps when you say "yay" after he's done something new, exciting, etc. But a lot of time he just randomly claps. I think he just claps when he thinks he's done something awesome. He doesn't need us to clap for him, he knows that crawling and then sitting up deserves a little clap :)

Here's a little video taken over the break in Phoenix when we were all out to lunch with Ryan's parents.   It's just so fun to see how excited he gets these days. So much emotion, I just want to bottle it all up!

In other news, Ryan and I are THRILLED for our friends, Amanda and Dave and their new babe, Sam. We're in love already and I cannot wait to see him. Soon. Like this spring.

Also, Ryan finally got his grades back from last semester and they were the best grades yet of his law school career. After a crazy second semester of law school with Henry being born, and the stress of new callings finally subsiding, I'm so glad we're in a good groove right now. We celebrated by going out and getting caramel apple ciders from Starbucks and chocolate ice cream from Trader Joe's. Ok, so maybe we just got those things because a) it was freezing yesterday and b) I just really wanted ice cream. We'll celebrate by doing something Ryan actually wants to do soon. :)


  1. Love the video! And thanks :). I hope you come here soooon! And go Ryan! That is awesome.

  2. Sounds like Henry is clapping for Ryan and you for both making it through another semester of law school! :) And it is much deserved!


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