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I can't make any promises, but I was thinking about doing a monthly-ish post about what I've been reading and watching lately. Thoughts?

Here's what I've been reading and washing as of late (thanks to Everyday Reading for the book recommendations):


I read I've Got Your Number by Sofie Kinsella last week and loved it. Total beach read (not a super serious story or anything) and minus the F words lightly strewn about (but this is a Sofie Kinsella book so that shouldn't surprise you) it's a fun, quick read with a little romance that'll get you hooked. Ah, love. Oh, and the main character's name is Poppy. Love that name.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Oh my goodness, so good. About a woman who is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's and how her life changes as the disease progresses. I took a Health and Aging class at BYU and almost finished my degree with an emphasis in gerontology. That being said, this book gripped me and no lie, tears were streaming down my face at the end and when Ryan asked what was wrong I all-out bawled as I tried to explain what was happening and the emotions I was feeling as I read. SO. Good. I can't wait to read more of her books.


I am a huge Cook's Illustrated fan, and so is Melanie, of Mel's Kitchen Cafe. Meant to be, right? Thanks to her recommendation I checked out Cook's County and another America's Test Kitchen book, ATK's Healthy Family Cookbook. I made the Moroccan Carrot dip to have with some soup yesterday and will definitely be making that again. And I want to make just about every dessert in the Cook's Country book (good thing I've got a baby shower to bake for later next month...). I'm trying to be better about getting recipes both from online and using the cookbooks and recipes that I already have, so any recommendations of favorite blogs or books are welcome.


Frasier (and Cheers). I know, I'm late on the wagon, but I never watched Frasier growing up and am so glad it's streaming on Netflix right now. So witty. And nothing vulgar either. Just light and funny and perfect. I'm on season 8 and don't really know what I'm going to do with myself once I finish.

The West Wing. Ryan and I just started watching this early this week and we're totally hooked. I'm not much of a tv drama gal (mostly 30 rock, parks and rec, modern family, etc.), but I love President Bartlett and the supporting cast, including Rob Lowe. Oh, Sam.


It's wintertime, which means more time inside, so hopefully this list (and the ones in weeks/months to come) is helpful when you don't know what to do or watch or read. And if you've got any recommendations for food or books, send 'em my way for sure.

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  1. I think my mom read that book Still Alice, and went on to read Left Neglected also by Lisa Genova and really liked it. So I would say it's worth checking out!
    I wish I could say I've had time to leisure read lately but it isn't so! That being said I have no other recommendations. :)
    I have jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon though (I believe you are already on it!) and I can't stop.


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