there's never enough time.

First up, some hallway adorableness.

The day started off early and happy, but the morning was not-so fun. I'm just a little frustrated with my not-so-good sleeper. {and really, I know that I've done a ton to help facilitate his sleeping and that he's just a poor sleeper. and I know all babies are different and averages aren't hard and fast rules. and he's a pretty happy guy even with short naps. but really, he's even happier with great naps. and I can do SO MUCH MORE when he sleeps for over an hour. and I know I've said all this before (or if you've talked to me, you've heard it, so thanks for bearing with me... }Luckily, Ryan came home for lunch and changed it all. He suggested I get something just for me when I went to Target and I'm so glad he did.

Henry went from having at least one daily hour long nap (out of two naps), even hour and a half long naps (in the last few weeks) back to 45 minute naps today and yesterday. Thankfully, he took an hour long nap this afternoon as I was on my way to Target (I saw that he was asleep right as I got off the 93 so I got back on and headed up north and then swung back down right before hitting New Hampshire), and was a happy camper all afternoon.

I decided to get some washi tape (I'm really on a stationery kick right now and can't help buying all things paper-related) and then head to Costco to get a kitchen mat. I'm determined to wash more dishes and hope it'll encourage me and reward all Ryan's past hard work, all at the same time.

So reward yourself with $20 to Target. Or Costco. And don't be tempted to buy that diet coke as you check out of Target. Just head on over to Costco. Best 60 cents and two refills of my life. Also, Targets and Costcos should be joined at the hips always. Best shopping center ever.

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