I was talking with Ryan last night and he mentioned that I wasn't in a lot of pictures I've posted recently. And then as I was looking at pictures of Henry throughout this year I realized that most of them were of Henry or Henry and Ryan. I see a pattern that needs a little tweaking...

Well, this post isn't quite the start of that pattern, but hopefully more pictures with me included will be posted. I mean, you want to see how I grow and change and experience new places too, right?!

About two weeks ago my mom and I (with Henry in tow) went to a friend's house to decorate a few glass dishes and vases for Christmas. They ended up not quite turning out, but I'm so glad we went so  Henry could play with a new, cool, and very cute older kid. Her name is undisclosed purely because if we have a girl, we will name her this name. It's the cutest name in the entire world.

Anywho, enjoy a cute little video of Henry in pure bliss dancing (and getting jostled just a bit, so good thing we did all that tummy time and developed a strong neck!) with a cute older woman. This kid's a charmer for sure.

Have a great weekend everyone! My little sister gets back from BYU-I for Christmas break on Saturday and my mom and I are spending a little girls-only time at a baby shower early that day. It should be a great day. Hope everyone's weekend is fun and not too stressed with Christmas less than two weeks away!

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  1. Ah that video is great! And I want to know that name!!!! Ps we need to chat! Been too long!!


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