I realized that I don't have any videos of Henry's noises as a newborn. So I'm making that up by trying to capture his voice now. He loves to squawk and make noise and even watching this video on mute (yes, maybe I watch things on mute and speak in whispers all across the house even though Henry is in his own room with a fan in it as well as with the door shut...) makes me laugh and smile.


  1. Sooo cute. I love this. And now I'm going to say it's all for me.

  2. Oh, that had me smiling! He is adorable! Is it just me or do babies all sound pretty similar?? He sounds a lot like Aiden!! We should totally introduce them when you guys make it back out here! Would have loved to have seen you last time, but I know you guys stayed busy :)

  3. He definitely inherited Ryan's booming radio voice. just kidding. love you! so.stinkin.cute!


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