playdate at walden pond.

After our perfect day today, I don't know why anyone can not like New England. (Ok, well, other than the wasps having a field day over anything sweet--uck.) Pretty much everyone in our ward with a kid is on a listserve and Laura comes up with the best places to go. The weather was beautiful today and so we trekked to Concord and hung out at Walden Pond and then drove up a little ways to get ice cream at the cutest little place with a bajillion and one amazing flavors--I settled on pumpkin, which was to die for, but the chocolate raspberry swirl and the maple walnut were the other flavors that I tried and they were so so so good as well--we're going back for sure.

I am truly in love with New England and all it has to offer. I may have shared this next story before, but I think it bears repeating: When people would complain about Provo we had a friend who would ask them, "Have you ever left the city?" If they answered no, then he would re-adjust their statement and say, "So what you're really saying is that you hate BYU." It just goes to show you that every place has amazing things to offer, you just have to be proactive and go look for them. I think the same is true for Boston. I mean, the city has so much to offer, it's unreal, but sometimes it feels like you're just stuck in the tiniest apartment with no trees for miles and miles. But all you have to do is drive through beautiful, lush landscape and you find hidden gems that make you never want to leave.

In case you aren't persuaded yet to come out and visit, here are a few more pictures enjoying the great outdoors.

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