a sad post about what happens when you don't back up your computer.

We all know that we should back up our computer, right? Then why the heck didn't I before last week?? Long story short, I got my computer back from the repair place and it doesn't look too good. I'm going back tomorrow to see if they can retrieve more photos, but I feel like I've just deleted the last three years of my life. Mind you, I've backed up a lot of things--high school photos, iphoto/instagram photos, but hardly any of my dslr photos of Henry.

Simply put, my heart is broken.  And if I were a PSA there would be sad music playing and me in front of a blank screen, sitting on a stool (it's the cool thing to do, right?) and staring into the camera stating that, if you love your family and all the photos on your computer, please, please, back them up.

Fingers crossed that the tech guy can find more photos. Now excuse my while I re-buy Lightroom and an external hard drive. Oi.


  1. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Thank you for the reminder: I'm backing up all 700+ of my DSLR pictures right now onto my external hard drive. I really do hope you can recover your pictures.


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