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Henry just went to sleep. He's been fussy all afternoon and his cheeks are a bit read, which, thanks to the age of google-ing every possible symptom/action your child does, has lead me to believe that he's teething. Well, confirm, I guess. He's super fussy and loves munching on my/his fingers. So we may be looking at a kid with a tooth soon--crazy!

I hate to just mention when he's irritable though, since he's such a fabulous kid. I went to check in my computer at the technition today (new hard drive, bleh) and he was just hanging out in his car seat, sucking on his blanket while I waited in line and the woman in front of me was getting all snoody and huffy and irritable that no one was helping her. It actually reminded me of the Community episode where there's the waiting experiment and all of the "subjects" go crazy except for Abed. I kept my cool like Abed and all was well. Also, we waited for maybe 5 minutes.

Speaking of losing weight (we were talking about that, right?) I've been watching Biggest Loser on Netflix (Boy am I glad they switched to Alison Sweeney, poor Caroline, she just didn't work. And if I had to hear, "It's time to cut the fat" one more time, I might've exploded.). I love watching the seasons and then looking at "where are they now" posts online. And then get sad when they gain a lot of weight. I didn't watch any of the seasons until one of the more recent ones so I don't know who wins each time, so it's super exciting. Most of the time, however, I'm eating sour skittles or munching on chocolate. Good times.

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  1. I've watched all the season of Biggest Loser. I've watched a bit on NetFlix. It is amazing to see the transformations.

    It will be so cute when Henry gets some teeth! Love that little guy!
    Aunt Terri


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