the johnson's are back!

*pictures of Henry have nothing to do with this post, just a few instas from the last week or so.

Julie and Oliver are back in town from their summer travels and we met up with them twice this long weekend. We've met up with them about once a month since we've been here in Boston, so it was a long hard summer without them and we're so glad they're back. There's something about having 'old' friends here that makes everything just a little more comfortable and better. We started and ended our weekend with hanging out with them, and I'd say that's the best kind of weekend there is.

On Friday evening we all went to the Harvard Arboretum to have a picnic. The arboretum a little piece of the city that doesn't really feel like the city that we pass every Sunday on our way to church, but they had never been. I still haven't explored Jamaica Pond (the area the Arboretum is in), or the pond itself as much as I would have liked yet, so I can't wait to go back this week while the weather is still warm. We ended the night by going back to our house to play some games (I was last by a long shot, so sad) and get Hen to bed at a reasonable hour.

We ended the holiday weekend by going to their complex and joining a BBQ that a couple in their ward set up. They've got quite a few members living in their MIT family housing (we're just a bit jealous) and Julie invited us to join their group. We feel like honorary members, and we love it. Also, their playground is awesome. I have a feeling that if we're here next summer and for sure Ryan's 3rd year, we'll be inviting ourselves over quite often :)

Thanks, Oliver and Julie, for helping make this weekend quite a success.

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