beach day.

We had our first New England beach day today, so it was Henry's first beach day as well, and I must say, it was quite successful. We had a late start and ended up leaving the house around 12:30  instead of the planned time of 11:30 since someone took a two hour nap this morning. I wasn't about to wake him early since I knew he wouldn't get a good nap at the beach and headed out to meet our ward. We went to Nantasket beach, on the south shore, and it was beautiful. And can I just say that saying that I went to the south shore makes me feel so cool?? I'm just being honest here. 

We met up with the ward and stuck our feet into the cold, cold Atlantic Ocean and chatted it up with our friends. Although I'm/Henry's not a huge fan of the getting-sand-everywhere part of going to the beach, I think we all had a lot of fun, and since Hen can't really sit up by himself we mostly just held him and we got to avoid the sand-in-mouth part of bringing a babe to the beach--score!

After we got home and everyone took showers I put Henry to bed to take a nap (around 7...) and he's still down (it's 10:00...) so I'm going to enjoy the quiet until the mister wakes up (and cross my fingers that he goes right back down after a feeding...) and continue to listen to the Little Women movie soundtrack and get homesick for my parents/siblings/wintertime.

But before I do that, here's a picture and video for all to enjoy. And hey Amanda, I've taken a few more videos recently, thanks to your request, and I'll put them up shortly. I forget that everyone isn't lucky like me and gets to see this cutie daily. :)


  1. Haha thanks! So fun! Love the video. His face in the water is like...not amused.

  2. aaahhh! looks like so much fun! so bummed we didn't get to go... henry is such a cute beach babeeee!!


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