new friends, old friends, and lots of food.

One last post on AZ and then I'll update you with a few things that've been happening this week. We were lucky enough to be able to see the Dilles and extended family both on Monday and Tuesday and then end our vacation by seeing some of Ryan's high school buddies on Saturday afternoon and hang out with the Richardson's Saturday evening. It's so fun to not only see Henry interact with our friends and family, but see our friends interact with Henry. Ryan is the first of his high school buddies to have kids by a long shot (none of them are married either) so it was fun to see them interact (albeit a bit hesitantly) with him. Dale even let Hank play with his Ray Ban's--something I don't think I'd even let him do--and I'm proud to say that they were not broken during the 5 minutes he had them. Go Hank!

Oh, and the food? The food was SO GOOD. Boston food is fun, but in AZ there's some excellent and CHEAP food--from taco trucks to In-n-out--that we're still dreaming about.  And did I mention they have BLUEBELL ice cream??? Thanks to the Dille's we had homemade oreo milkshakes both Monday and Tuesday and I may or may not want to go back to AZ pronto just for them.

AZ, we love you. See you in a few months!


  1. I miss In n' Out!!! When are you heading back to AZ?

    1. We'll go back for Christmas. Hurray for more In n out in 4 months!

  2. So if you happen to move out to AZ, we would make you Oreo shakes everyday and go swimming 9 mos out of the year... =)


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