6 months.

Ryan and I have been parents for 6 whole months. We've kept someone alive and happy (for the most part) for 6 whole months! We did a mini photoshoot on Henry's half birthday and I must say, I think Ryan composed a better shot of Henry and I than I did of him and the little guy. I posed the picture of Henry and I on Facebook that night and have received so much love in return, it's unreal. We are totally loved and have the best friends and family anybody could ever ask for. We're grateful to have this little one around and can't wait to be with him, learn with him, and teach him each day.


  1. You look great! Happy 6 months to Mr Benry! ;)

  2. you have such a cute family! :) I saw you on Annie's blog

  3. I LOVE those pics! Please tell me you are enlarging them and putting them on your wall! Way to go, Ry!


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