our first plane ride and pool time!

[[While Henry and I are enjoying Ohio with my family, Ryan is busy with his two internships. We're loving the break from busy city living, but missing having dad around.]]

Henry was terrific at the airport and on the plane. I took our stroller and it easily went through security and then just strolled Hen around our terminal while chatting with my mom as we waited for our flight. He stayed asleep for about an hour and a half and woke up as we were about to board. It was really nice being able to board first and Henry was a champ right until the cabin door closed. He just got a little fussy so I put on my nursing cover and he was once again happy as a clam. I could tell he was uncomfortable as we lifted off with the air pressure and all, but he continued to nurse and once he was done we had smooth sailing until the decent. He got fussy again so on came the nursing cover and he fed until we landed.


He's really into holding his fists straight up in the air these days--our little super man. 

Next adventure: the swimming pool! Although his little swim trunks skim the ground (it's ridiculously cute) he looks like a natural in the water. My first attempt at introducing him to the water failed largely because he was due for a nap, so after a feeding, nap, and feeding again (I wanted to make sure he was super happy :) we attempted an intro again and were successful! We even put him in a little floaty and he was happy as a clam. We didn't get any pictures of this first, but good thing we still have a while here--there will definitely be more pictures coming to the blog soon.

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