I've already taken so many pictures of Henry right after a bath, I just can't help it. Something about his wet baby hair and those eyes staring at me. We've officially got a squealer and Hen's hands are all the rage these days. He makes little fists and holds his arms straight out in front of him and just stares at them. It's so amazing to see the little progressions and changes he makes daily. I mean, other kids are alright, but ours, ours is the best.


  1. You're right! Yours is the best! He's so dang cute. Wish I could come play!

  2. I know what you mean. It is so fun to watch them become more aware of themselves and their environment as well as gain more fine motor skills and see their coordination improve (to get those fists in their mouth!).

  3. There is NOTHING cuter than a baby in the bath, is there?

    We have no pictures of Ella in the bathtub because Bart is STRONGLY anti-naked baby pictures. Alas.


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