that time where henry decided he didn't like me anymore.

There are multiple reasons why I love this "running away" picture. 

One: I'm sure there will actually be a time where Henry doesn't want to be around me. Hopefully it'll only be for a few minutes and be because we're getting a babysitter or we can't go to the zoo because it's raining or something. It breaks my heart already that there would ever be a time like that, but I know it's 'a comin.

Two: Hen is so tiny here! I mean, he's probably somewhere around 11 pounds give or take now, which is still tiny, but he was even tinier just a few weeks ago!

Three: I look SO. TIRED. But happy. I know that there are many times in my life where I won't look picture-perfect, but who cares?? If I didn't let my mom or Ryan take this picture because I looked not-so-hot then we wouldn't have one of my favorite pictures of Hen as a newborn! I need to remind myself of that fact more often. 

Four: Speaking of sleep, Hen recently slept for seven hours in a row. Wahoo! It's not a habit, but we're totally ok with that. He's a great napper and at night he's good about sleeping about 3-4 hour stretches at night. He's woken himself up lately after only getting an hour of sleep after his first cycle, but he's also been able to soothe himself back to sleep one of those times. Pretty much a total keeper.

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