We do laundry a lot more these days, thanks to the cutie in the picture above. In Utah, when I couponed like a maniac, I would buy the cheaper detergent, purex or all, because with coupons it was even cheaper. They worked fine and I didn't think anything of it.

But whenever we go to my parents house, our laundry smells divine. She uses Tide. But she's also go a beautiful washer and dryer. I pretended that my laundry would smell that awesome if I had a fancy washer and dryer--that the detergent I was using was just fine. I pretended that saving a couple dollars was better.

But I was wrong.

We took the plunge at Costco a few months ago when there was a coupon for liquid Tide. We had some powder Tide with Downy (from when we got married!--there would always be coupons for other detergent so we never got to it until now) that we were using up, and it was ok, but last week we finally used the liquid Tide.

And it's heaven. Every day Ryan has come up to me and said, "Smell this." We're hooked. It makes our clothes smell so good. And we even had it in our kitchen for a bit and Ryan mentioned that we should always keep it in there, it made it smell so good.

Pretty much our house smells like an amazing laundry room. And I'm totally ok with that.


  1. We did the same thing!! There is seriously some things in life that are just plain worth the money. Love ya girl!

  2. My mom's advice when I got married is always use tide- it is worth it. And it is!

  3. tide. always. and the purple downey. it's the little things in life, ya know?


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