I'm here to tell you how to dress.

Not really. I've been thinking about my own style lately, or lack thereof. I do this every spring, when outfits pop with color, when I bust out my bermudas and re-evaluate the t-shirt situation. And thanks to some adorable blogs with hip mamas, how can anyone not think about it? I am hugely guilty of waiting until a birthday or other holiday to count on my super fashionable mom/sisters to a) give me something of theirs that they don't wear anymore b) buy me something or c) persuade me hardcore to buy something for me. I was looking at an article on the Washingtonian (see here) and the interviewee mentioned that her biggest pet peeve is when women don't wear clothes for their body type. That got me thinking even more about what I wear, and not only if it is "in style" or not (because really, things are constantly changing), but how it fits. I think wearing things that fit will always be in style.

So here's to getting some cute new things for spring/summer (why is it so hard for me to spend $25 on a cute top/pants that I look great in, feel great in, and will wear for multiple months/seasons?!) and feeling good.

On a side note, I got to thinking about style after reading a post from the Daybook blog (see here).

On another side note, I did a little 30 Day Shredding today and completed level one. That was my goal: to finish the workout. And that was the first sweaty workout since Henry was born (before I was sticking to almost daily walks and a few lunges/crunches every so often).

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