henry's first marathon.

I posted about the Boston Marathon here, but thought that Henry needed his own Marathon Monday post. It turns out babies are especially adorable to undergrads. Specifically, tipsy undergrads.

Let me back-track. Ryan and I got a good spot for the race and we were there early so we could see all the front-runners of each category. But Hen needed to finish nursing, so while we waited I nursed in a camping chair. The lead male runners sped by and then Hen decided he was done so I handed him to Ry. It was getting sunny so Ry left the masses and was holding Henry and all of a sudden like 5 undergrad girls were swarming him and commenting on how cute he was and the same five girls that were previously singing Spice Girls songs at the tops of their lungs were now chanting "Henry, Henry!"

Boston, you never seize to entertain. Also, I'm pretty sure my child is cooler than me.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Henry is most definitely cooler than you ;). PS your hair is absolutely adorable.


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