finals week(s).

Ryan's finals started on Monday and they don't finish until the Friday after tomorrow. And even then he's not really done. He's got a writing competition to see which journal he'll be on (we're gunning for Law review, but there are some awesome other ones that he'd love to write for too) the entire week after next.

We're lucky enough to see him during lunch and dinner, and sometimes he studies at home a few hours in the morning or a few at night, but sometimes it feels like we don't really see him at all.


Today I took some mail to the mailbox down the street (our apt. building doesn't have a drop-off), talked to Amanda, talked to my mom and dad, made a video of Hen and submerged myself in photography tutorials. It's a bummer it's been such dreary weather lately, but all the more reason to bake (these bars are our new favorite), walk to the library (we have a few books overdue…) and curl up to a good book. And dote on the H man, of course.

Ryan/Dad, we miss you and can't wait to hang out with you all summer sans school!!

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  1. I know the feeling!!! I have six more years of that feeling. And even then, maybe until retirement. Good thing love makes us strong, huh?!

    I saw your pictures of the Stowells! They are super sweet! Great job!!!


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