boston marathon 2012.

Living near BU has many perks. Including living right off Beacon St.--where the Boston Marathoners run their last mile and a half! We were lucky enough to see the winners of almost each category, too. And check out those amazing arm-cycles! It was a really hot day in Boston (good for the fans, not for the runners) and these men and women were running/cycling so fast! Their determination is so inspiring. Just the day before I told my dad that I would never run a marathon, then late last night I was thinking about what I'd have to do to qualify for Boston and what an accomplishment that would be.

So who knows if I'll ever run a marathon, but to all those that have run Boston, and other marathons, you rock!!


  1. Way cool. Chase's dad has run it at least once I know :)

  2. How cool that you got to go watch the race! What a fun place to be :)


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