two months.

Henry is two months old, can you believe it??? He went to the dr. on Friday and he's in the 25th percentile for weight now! Before, he was around the 10th for everything but he's slowly movin his way up. He's 10 lbs. 6 oz. Way to go, Henry!

This little guy has helped make our lives a bajilliontrillionmillion times better. They were pretty awesome beforehand, and he just spiced 'em up even more. Henry, Hen, Hen Hen, Hank, Bud, Buster -- all the names for our little one, and we're bound to add more as the years go on. He focusses on our eyes more and grabs our shirts when we carry him. He even grabbed my hair the other day before a bath and did not want to let it go--what a grip! He also follows us with his eyes as we go in and out of the living room. I put music on and we dance around the apartment, and after we change him he lays on his changing pad and just talks to the world. He's sleeping usually for 3 1/2 hours and then 2-3 hours at night, but sometimes he gives us 5 hour stretches (this weekend he gave us 6!) and they're a.maze.ing. He loves his bouncer, loves trying to grab the toys hanging from it, and now he'll even fall asleep in his bouncer all on his own sometimes. No holding or swaddling needed! What a champ. We love him so much and think he's just the most handsome little boy.

Want some proof? Here's my favorite picture as of this hour. Henry had a ton of fun at the park this weekend. He was smiling a ton--I think he really loves the fresh air.  I forgot a blanket, so he laid on my cardigan and since the wind was blowing a bit, I used my nursing cover as a blanket. I did the same think a few days later on our way to Trader Joe's. Henry's such a trooper, he didn't even complain that it was pink! :)

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