Greeter Deterrent (aka car seat cover).

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In other news, I sewed something! Pinterest can definitely be a time-sucker, but it also holds some amazing sewing tutorials and can be super inspirational. It makes a normal and average-talented person be able to pretty much do anything. And thanks to my mom for sending me some material and thread (curses to being far from fabric stores) I made this awesome car seat cover.

I merged a few tutorials, but other than that I followed the simple directions and voila! For the body I used Cluck Cluck Sew's tutorial and had some inspiration this tutorial for the straps. Pretty much exactly like the first one but I liked the look of thinner straps. The best part about tutorials like this are that you can customize it to your car seat and nothing has to be exact, which my newbie seamstress-self loves. And don't you just love the rounded corners?

Not gunna lie, Leanne's (from Elle Apparel) car seat cover is super cute too. Maybe the next one I make will have ties? Decisions, decisions.

Now off to tackle this zippered pouch project. Wish me luck!!

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