great friends.

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Happy President's Day weekend!

Ryan and I both have today off but before we run off to Ikea I thought I'd write a quick post about our friends.

We had Julie and Oliver over last night and I made this tortellini soup and she brought over some white chocolate chip coconut cookies and amazing hot chocolate that we dined on while playing a game called Loaded Questions. I finished making the soup right before they came over so we ate and chatted and while we played the game, and even before, Julie helped clear the table, heated the HoCho and even warmed up her cookies in the oven.

I'm still fairly mobile these days, but a lot of times, like when we play games, I don't lean forward a ton, and since we have a futon for a couch and a long coffee table as a "table", Ryan, or a friend, usually moves my game pieces or draws a card for me. Not only did everyone help me out while playing the game, but Julie took care of the whole dessert, found what she needed to heat the HoCho and cookies and was totally amazing in helping ease my stress and moving around levels.

We have the best friends ever. Seriously. Good friends make everything better.

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