Chicken Parm

disclaimer: I'm not sure if I've written a post with this recipe in it or not, but I saw this in my drafts and wanted to make sure my awesome readers knew about this version. I've made this and a healthier version from Skinny Taste, both of which are pretty fantastic. This one takes a bit more work but I think it's more like the real deal, so I love it.

We made the best Chicken Parm this summer while in DC and I took pictures but then forgot about it and even forgot where I got the recipe, until now. It was actually during the week that Ken was in town so he tried it too (and can testify that it was daang good). Also, I know that sometimes I write "we" and it's really just me, but this time Ryan totally helped out (it was hard doing in on my own, this one is totally a team recipe), I couldn't have done it without him.

Without further adeau, the best Chicken Parm ever.

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  1. I don't think you ever posted this. I love Chicken Parm. It's so easy. I will have to try this recipe and compare to mine, see which one to continue with in the future :)


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