Ryan put together the crib last weekend and I took the carseat out of the box. The final preparations are finally coming together. We've been slacking in the baby bump documenting as of late, though. Well, I've taken some pictures here and there, but nothing like the first few weeks I started showing. So for your viewing pleasure (and mostly for my family, aka Kaylea) here are a few from this week.

In related news, stretch marks arrived sometime last week or so and Braxton Hicks contractions arrived in full swing today around lunch time and were pretty much all day. I understand that my body would like to practice a bit before the big day, but really, I don't think it's necessary. On the upside, I love this little one more and more everyday and am super glad that I get to experience all of this. With all the random things that are happening to my body, I can't help but always say "good!" when someone asks how I'm doing. Because really, this is pretty dang awesome.


  1. woohoo! you two look like naturals in front of that crib! he'll be here so soon!

  2. I'm so excited for you!! Yeah!


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