Oh law school.

Ryan has been sick since late Sunday. At first we thought it was the dreaded stomach flu that's been going around Boston like wildfire. Ugh. But now we think it was more like the 24 hour stomach bug or just a bad reaction to fasting all day and then eating large amounts of party food (aka Superbowl food). I'm thinking it's the former and Ry is really hoping it's the latter so that he won't get me sick.

Either way, Ry is feeling better today but still a little weak. Healthy enough that he can eat a bowl of cereal but sick enough that he can't read his textbooks and concentrate.

The statement below shows just how sick he is and how cute my law-loving husband really is.

Ryan busy doing nothing...
me:  nice 
Ryan ahh, I can't believe I'd rather be studying/stressing in law school right now!
Those are definitely words that never came out of my mouth when I was an undergrad... I had to marry up in the educational world, that's for sure.

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