taylor swift, heatlamps, photography, and more.

1. Our house has heatlamps. It's nice to have a lot of light since we're a basement apartment, but really, they give me headaches and make my hair hot if I'm standing underneath one for just 5 minutes. Really, they're floodlamps, but floodlamps and 8 foot ceilings just don't go together.

2. I was thinking yesterday about how if I actually bought all the songs I loved, I'd have a lot more songs on my itunes. But who wants to pay .99 when I can listen to the songs on youtube/radio for free? Also, I wish I was Ludacris and said my name everytime I started rapping in someone else's song. Random, but true.

3. I've been going through my photography portfolio, making a "best of" and trying to figure out how to start up a business here in Boston. So. much. to. do. (ps. If anyone is interested in doing couple's pictures, hit me up. I'm focussing on couples/family shoots and would love to give you a discount/free shoot)

4. I bring in way too many groceries into the house at once. I'm super surprised that I haven't induced labor already by carrying way too much weight at once.

5. The checkout guy at Trader Joe's asked me if I was excited for parenthood as I was checking out today. I've been complaining to Ry a bit each day about this and that, and doing research on things to get before he arrives, but sometimes I forget to pause and remember the awesomeness that is inside me. Heck yes, I'm excited for parenthood!

6. Some friends of ours recently announced they're pregnant, after years of infertility/miscarriages. I am excited for them beyond belief and know they will most definitely be amazing parents.

7. I miss Provo. I miss Macey's soft serve. And BYU's Graham Canyon ice cream. And our spacious two bedroom that we paid less than half than what we paid for now. I don't care that it was cinderblock. I would like to transpose that apartment here, thank-you-very-much. And all our awesome friends.

8. I love my job. I love that I'm using my degree. And working with crazy kids. I was in an 8th grade health class and when a boy asked me if I was having a girl or boy, after I answered boy he gave a loud, yeaeaaaaah. Crazy kid. I'm pretty sure the same kid, as I was saying a little "about me" spiel  and said that I was from Texas, said a "hyeahh" like he was riding a horse. Oh, this kids know so little about the outside world. But it's entertaining nonetheless.

9. Julie is hosting a baby shower for me this weekend and I'm thrilled. Well, I'm upset that Boston's first snowstorm is that day, but hopefully it'll die down by that afternoon/evening. I've met some awesome ladies here and I'm so grateful they're so kind to me.

10. Oh and what does all this have to do with my awesome parents? First of all, my mom will be here in less than a month, which is super awesome. And my dad's even going to try and come up for a weekend. And then both sets will be up for the blessing. And then what if Ryan gets the Columbus internship? I try not to think about it so much because I know he's a long shot, but I can't help it. My family is rad. I wish everyone loved their family as much as I love mine. For real.

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