A winter welcome.

New England has finally decided to buck up and become winter. We've had such a mild winter, but this weekend especially it got COLD. We ran errands in the cold Saturday morning and braved the Babies R Us, Target, Costco, and (seriously awfully designed but cheap supermarket) Market Basket crowds and then spent the rest of the weekend avoiding the outside as much as possible.

Due to our budding socializing we did leave our home (which I would like to say is cozy, but seeing as we live in a basement apartment and BU controls our heat, it can get a bit nippy) both Sunday and Monday night to eat and play games and socialize with some friends and on Monday night we left the Mildenhall's and right into a budding (it's a good verb!) snowstorm. It started sprinkling us with snow when we walked outside and by the time we were halfway home the snow was definitely falling horizontally and straight towards us.

Although it was super-cold, I kept thinking how awesome winter is; how beautiful the streets looked as fresh snow fell all around us. It was Boston's first real snow of the season and as both my mascara and nose ran uncontrollably I didn't really care at all as I walked beside Ryan the whole time home and soaked it all up. Welcome, winter!


  1. You're a much braver soul than I! I don't know if I will ever be able to live somewhere where it snows! I'm definitely an AZ girl!

  2. glad you guys are finally getting some of the snow! We can send you more, there is literally nowhere else to put it up here right now...


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