Mormon Messages.

I don't think I can watch a Mormon Message these days without crying. Anything to do with family, temples, life and/or death...really, any topic at all, I just start to cry. (edit: even when I described the video to Ryan after watching I teared up...) The messages are so beautifully stated. Simple and touching and I'm super grateful that wherever I am I can get a boost from my Heavenly Father as I watch one of these videos.

I watched a video today on the dedication of the El Salvador temple as told by youth who lived there and participated in the celebration. One girl talked about how she couldn't wait to be in the bride's room with her mom and I lost it. I remember being with my mom there, and being sealed to Ryan and boy am I super grateful that I lived my life worthy of temple blessings and what a great motivator to continue living so that I can go to the temple again and again.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday and continues to have a terrific week. Here's the video if you haven't already seen it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this one, Emily. I hope to be in the bride's room one day with my girls. And I hope you'll be there with us!


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