More of what we've been eating as of late.

I realized on Wednesday that we hadn't eaten meat with our dinner since…maybe last Thursday? and while recipe blog surfing (it's my addiction, in case you didn't know) I found that we had all the fixins for Mel's Sloppy Joes. And man, they delivered.

Ultimate take-you-back-to-bein-a-kid food. Also, I think of "It takes two." The Mary-Kate and Ashley movie where they realize they're twins and switch and then one of them gets adopted…her last name becomes Butkiss. Y'all know what I'm taking about and you're smiling at all those rad memories, I just know it.

I always think of that part where one of them tries sloppy joes for the first time (even though it's the orphan twin's fave food) and she gets it all over her face, she's chowin down so hard.

Oh, and remember that part where one of them says "crystal" or something when her step-mom says, "Do I make myself clear?" and she puts escargot in her champagne glass or something like that? Man, I need to watch that movie again.

Also, these are pretty dang good sloppy joes and there's no "sloppy joe mix" or anything. I think I may do a little less soy sauce next time (which is funny because I could eat rice with soy sauce that becomes something more like soy sauce with a bit of rice..) but other than that not change a thing. I love that when you know how to make a good sauce you can change it to whatever your own preference is, you don't have to make it exactly like the recipe. I feel like such a grown-up cook when I do that.

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  1. we looooved mel's sloppy joes. also, I think the escargot part is from the paris one? not sure, but aimee and i LOVED those movies and watched them all often for like 10 years.


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