I haven't been feeling too hot for the last two days. Just a sore throat so nothing major, but I took the last few hours off work since I just want to be home, cuddled in a blanket and drinking soup and eating ice cream. I taught three classes this morning and headed home afterwards.

Ryan and I are participating in a spelling bee tomorrow (Jealous, aren't you? I'll write all about it next week) so I'm hoping to have a super chill night tonight so I can win, or at least just not get out in the first round, haha.

Before I head off to take a nap and then watch a bajillion hours of Law and Order: Criminal Intent I thought I'd leave all my lovely readers a few pictures of what we've been up to lately, via Instagram:

1. Ryan chatting with his parents on the banana chair (thanks again Drew and Jennifer--we can't thank you enough!)

2. We bought a car-seat!

3. One of my co-workers gave me some baby toys including big legos, a soft book and mailbox, a singing cow, and an awesome wooden book. Ryan is already a bit tired of that cow, but I just can't wait to play with them!

4. We went to a crepes place a few blocks down for us for a date night last week. Nutella and Strawberry crepes? Yes please. Their savory crepes looked super-good too. Also, I'm wearing the cowl-neck that my mom so graciously let me steal from her and some super cute felt rose earrings from Amanda the magnificent.

5. A sister missionary wearing Uggs. Love it. She's definitely a missionary after my own heart and I'd totally be doing that too if I went anywhere remotely cold.

6. A not-so flattering picture of the bump. We're down to long shirts or maternity shirts only these days to cover up the fact that I just wear jeans and don't even try to button them---just wear a long enough shirt and we're good to go. The shirt in the picture is too small (there's a bump-draft going on, as you can tell) so it's Target maternity v-necks + a cardi to the rescue.







Have a great weekend! Stay warm!


  1. You are lookin too cute! Open that Carseat up already!

  2. omgoodness. we can't wait to meet henry! we're lovin' that bump of yours. you guys are making us instagram-envious!

  3. Emily, you are getting so big!!! Yay for wonderful babies!!! Have a terrific day!


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