I'm a huge fan of getting mail. Especially when you order something online and you can track it to know just what day it's supposed to arrive. Especially when you've ordered some super presh baby clothes online and just want to see the dang things in real life! Especially when you're an emotional wreck and NOT getting those things would make you break down in tears.

The other day I found a key to our building just hanging out inside the key lock. Meaning anyone could just walk right into our building. No good, right? So I took the key out and put it on the ledge right inside the door so whoever the key belonged to could find it.

We haven't been getting any mail lately, which isn't a huge deal since really all we get are Netflix dvds and the once a month electric bill, so I didn't really think anything of it.

But the aforementioned package was supposedly delivered on Thursday of last week and on Friday there was no sign of it. No good. So I called Fed Ex, then USPS and found out that it was at the USPS place near BU. Awesome. Ry could pick it up after school, right? Wrong. A letter and my picture ID are necessary for him to pick it up. Cool.

Finally, today, I decided that my one venture outside (I took a sick day and totally have a head cold, runny nose, sneezing…fun stuff, right?) would be to go to the Post Office and pick up that package. I even took Instagrams on my walk over there. I was totally pumped. the plan was to then proceed to take a bajillion pictures of what I ordered and then wash them tonight so just in case this little boy was born tomorrow, he'd have some adorable clean clothes to wear.

Wrong again. I get to the Post Office and there's no sign of my package. They may have tried to re-deliver it, they say. Cool. I walk out of the Post Office with tears in my eyes because hey, I'm sick and pregnant and I just wanted that dang package. Then I sulked my way back home. I walked into our building and lo and behold there's a note from the mail man right outside our door that says "lost key to building. can't deliver mail. call bu."

So it was our MAIL MAN that left the key in there and now WE have to call BU to get our mail. Cool, right? Of course, I can't even call BU today since I left my cell at work yesterday and thought I'd get it today but then called in sick.

All I wanted was my adorable package. Is that just too much to ask for?

Geez, this kid of mine is going to think his mom is crazy.


  1. Ugh! I'm sorry! That is so lame! I totally know what you mean about the anticipation for mail! IT kills. Hope you are feeling better soon!
    oh and since you made me think of it... email me your address por favor! :)

  2. Same thing happened to us! We moved into a new apartment, in kind of a shady area, and all of a sudden our mail man started just putting the mail in a pile in front of our gate/door.

    I called the Postal Service and they didn't know anything/were no help. A week or so later, I get a note scratched onto a piece of mail (again, on the floor OUTSIDE of our house) that says, "I don't have a key" and I found a key a little later. But I haven't been at home to see this mysterious person in-person, to give him/her the key back.

    It's annoying, I empathize and I'm sending you a BIG BIG HUG that no one can keep you from getting :)

  3. (p.s. - it's Melissa from HMHB, hi!)

  4. this sounds like a nightmare. literally. i hate not getting mail. and i thoroughly LOVE getting mail...so much so that tay writes me notes so i can find things in our box when NO ONE sends us things...so id go pregnant hormonal on the postman and ask for my baby clothes. and ps. postman. who just leaves keys to apts laying around?


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